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The Pony Club at Courtlands

What is the Pony Club?

Courtlands are a Pony Club Centre and can offer you membership to The Pony Club, open to those who don’t own a pony. When you are a member there are different events to enjoy and participate in including:

  • Monthly sessions
  • Rallies
  • progress and efficiency tests
  • Christmas parties


Who Can Join?

To join through us you have to ride regularly at courtllands but otherwise membership is open to all boys and girls under 21 years of age, at a cost of £24 a Year (£26 from April 2015). this is payable to the pony club and includes public liability insurance for the child while participating in pony club events.

The Pony Club is an international voluntary youth organisation for youngsters interested in ponies and riding. It was founded in England in 1929 and is now represented by over 550 centres in the UK with membership exceeding 16,000.

The Pony Club was granted independent charitable status on 1st January 1997. It is the largest association of riders in the world. A majority of the most successful riders in all disciplines of British equestrian competition have been members of The Pony Club.

The key objectives of the Pony Club are:


  • to encourage young people to ride and to learn to enjoy all kinds of sport connected with horses and riding


  • to give instruction in riding and horsemastership and to educate Members to look after and to take proper care of their animal


to promote the highest ideals of sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty to create strength of character and self-discipline

Our Pony Club Events


We do lots of Pony Club activities through the year where children learn all about ponies and work towards achievement badges & certificates, as well as having lots of fun.


Regular Sessions


As a Pony Club Centre we  often offer sessions to help you towards gaining achievement badges.


In addition to our weekend sessions we also offer Pony Club mornings during most school holidays.

These sessions include allow the children to help and learn to look after a pony - Grooming, poo picking, feeding & Watering, as well as just giving it a cuddle.



For more detailed information about the Pony Club, please visit their official site:

Although every care is taken, all rider ride at their own risk

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