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Riding Lessons

Riding Lessons at Courtlands Riding Stables are both fun and safe, and cater for both adults and children of all levels of experience. We can provide you with BHS (British Horse Society) instruction and you can ride safe in the knowledge we are fully insured and licenced by Stevenage Borough Council.


We don't make you come every week, just whenever you like, although we do recommend beginners come at least once a month until they have mastered the basics. CLICK HERE to read our booking terms & Conditions



Children's Lessons

Adult Lessons

PLEASE NOTE: All lesson times are approximate

Children's Riding Lessons


•   Beginners lessons - from £20

      Group lesson with leaders where needed


•   Intermeadiate / Advanced Lessons - From £35

     Group lessons for those progressing from beginners.


•   Pony Mornings

      A great chance to care for a pony. From grooming to

      riding, you'll have fun all morning.


•   Childrens Pony Parties - POA

    Until lockdown restrictions are completely eased we are unable to offer children's parties.





We welcome all children from 3 years old, including complete beginners.


Courtlands has a great reputation for working with disabled riders, with our ponies being used twice a week with Stevenage RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association).

Adult Riding Lessons


•   For 14 years and over


•   Group lessons


•   Private Lessons

        Monday - Friday:            from £50

        Saturday & Sunday:     from £50

        Joint Private Lesson:   from £80



PLEASE NOTE: All lesson times are approximate

Dressage & Jumping


Many of our clients progress to a level where they'd like to do more with their riding but many of them are not able to take on the commitment of owning or even loaning their own horse. So at Courtlands we offer several in house sessions a year, for both dressage and jumping using our horses and ponies.



If you have every wondered what a dressage test is and how to learn the disciplines of keeping your horse balanced and controlled, then a series of dressage sessions is a good starting point. Simply put a dressage test is where a horse and rider are expected to perform from memory a series of predetermined movements, with some form of relaxed grace and elegance.

We provide 3 - 4 one hour group lessons (normally a session a week), then on the final day all those in the group will individually be called into the ring to perform their dressage tests, just like the professionals. The big difference between professional competitions and Courtlands is that here we are all doing it for fun, so as long as you have a good time it really doesn't matter how you perform.



At Courtlands we have always incorporated a small amount of jumping into our lessons, as it helps all riders to understand how to stay in position even when the horse is clearing a jump. For those that would like to take it to the next level we offer a series of lessons just focusing on how to safely take on jumps of different shapes & sizes and how to negotiate a course of jumps. Like with the dressage sessions we run these courses over a month of weekly one hour lessons with the final week being the jumping show. We always welcome spectators, so bring the family along to show them what you can do.


For the next events coming up see our facebook page or give us a call.

Although every care is taken, all rider ride at their own risk

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