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Why take up horse riding?

Ask any rider why you should ride and many would struggle to find an answer; not because there are no good reasons, but because there are so many. Horse riding is not just a sport, it’s a partnership. The physical and spiritual thrill of riding and the connection that can be achieved with a horse are hard to put into words but, practically, this section features some of the most obvious reasons that we think riding is the perfect sport for so many.


Firstly, riding can satisfy a number of different requirements; some people simply ride to relax and unwind outdoors on peaceful hacks. Others want to focus on training and learn new skills such as dressage or jumping. Also, a large number of people ride for the social benefits; the majority of our clients, old and new, make rewarding and lasting friendships here with people from all walks of life. Young or old, nervous or bold, there’s an aspect of horses and riding to suit everyone; it can be taken at any pace by people of all ages, and it’s no surprise to learn of the fantastic success and results achieved by dedicated organisations such as Riding for the Disabled – proof that horses are the gentlest and most generous of creatures.


Riding combines a cardiovascular workout with a rewarding mental challenge. It means time spent outdoors in the fresh air, it improves both balance and reflexes and helps tone the body (in particular the legs and core muscles), improves hand-eye coordination and joint mobility, it can increase muscle strength by up to 50% without adding bulk and, amazingly, can burn over 400 calories an hour*!


How many more reasons do you need?


Although every care is taken, all rider ride at their own risk

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